Eliminating the Extra Point is Stupid

By Jack Tumen

Kirby Lee/USA Today

Unlike most things in life, when it comes to the NFL (and sleep away camp) I’m a traditionalist. Thus, I have not always been a fan of the many outside-the-box ideas that Roger Goodell has brought to the table. Some of those ideas include permanently having an NFL team in Europe, moving kickoffs back 5 yards and extending the season to 18 games.

Now, he wants to eliminate extra points.

Sure, he threw out some statistic basically stating that the extra point is automatic. But it’s the minuscule percentage of missed PATs that make us remember the 7th point is not to be taken for granted.

The extra point changes the entire complexion of a game. It can force a team to score a touchdown instead of a field goal at the end of a game or can extend a lead to 7 instead of 6. It keeps kickers involved with the game regularly and it’s a play that requires focus, chemistry and skill. Like c’mon, it’s HARD to long snap a ball to a hand-sized target and have the holder catch it, then spin the laces out and pray that his finger doesn’t get kicked off, all in a fraction of a second.

A couple examples of missed XPs come to mind, including Blair Walsh this past season, the Bengals back in 2006 and John Carney’s infamous miss that cost the 2003 Saints a trip to the playoffs.

Goodell’s alternative for a PAT? Make a touchdown worth 7 or choose to run a play that if successfully converted makes the drive worth 8 or if failed, 6. Really, who the HECK would risk losing a point after being guaranteed 7?! That’s stupid Roger…just stupid.

No, the extra point is not an exciting play – but it’s an important play! It’s the victory lap after a touchdown; it’s the icing on the cake; it seals the deal.

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