An NBA first In Sacramento

Posted by Jack Tumen

Rocky Widner/Getty Images

So I’m flipping through the channels on NBA League Pass and stopped to watch the Kings game for a bit because I don’t get to see much west coast basketball out here on the east coast.

As I listened closely, I noticed that the PA announcer’s calls in Sleep Train Arena sounded more high pitched than usual. Then I finally figured out that the PA announcer was actually a lady.

Since I’ve never heard a female PA announcer for an NBA game before, I googled “female PA announcer kings.” I then came upon an article on the Sacramento Kings website that told me tonight’s public address announcer is Jaime Coffee, the former PA announcer for the Sacramento Monarchs WNBA team, no longer in existence. She’s filling in for the Kings normal PA announcer, Scott Moak, who is missing his first game in 12 years on the job due to illness.

The article also stated that Coffee is believed to be the first female PA announcer in NBA history. Pretty cool.

Check out the article here.

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