5 Favorite NBA Throwbacks

Posted by Jack Tumen

The Toronto Raptors recently announced that they’ll be bringing back the infamous purple throwback uniforms as part of their 20th anniversary next year. I’ve got one of those bad boys up on my wall; it’s one of my favorite uniforms of all time. This got me thinking about some of my favorite NBA throwback jerseys. Here’s my top 5.

5. Phoenix Suns – 1992-2000


That black jersey with the streaking sun is downright stealthy.

4. Utah Jazz – 1984-1996

Dick Raphael/Getty Images

One of the classiest uniforms of all time.

3. Toronto Raptors – 1995-1999

Frank Gunn/CP PHOTO

The purple definitely “pops,” but the white is pretty fresh.

2. Seattle Supersonics – 1995-2001

Getty Images

A team with jerseys this good deserves to be back in action.

1. Vancouver Grizzlies – 1995-2000

That teal with the Native American trim is straight up dank. Can’t beat it.

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