Just A Thought: What Gives, Robert Quinn?

Posted by Jack Tumen

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams gave it all they had on Monday night; but the 49ers were just too much to handle. They couldn’t get to Kaepernick and he tore them apart.

In fact, the Rams haven’t gotten to anyone this season. They have just one team sack on defense.

One sack.

Now, Austin Davis has done an admirable job of filling in at QB for this team; but let’s be honest, we all knew the Rams were screwed when Sam Bradford went down. However, it’s becoming apparent that the most important injury for the Rams wasn’t that of their franchise quarterback; it was defensive end, Chris Long.

Last season, Robert Quinn recorded an astounding 19 sacks. Long had himself a respectable 8.5 on the other end of that D-Line. But since Long has been sidelined, Quinn has a total of zero sacks this season. Zero. For a guy who had three seasons worth of sacks a year ago, something just isn’t right here. These two complimented each other as book-ends on a fearsome front.

When healthy, St. Louis has one of the top three defensive lines in the league, up there with Detroit and the Jets. But even the best players need teammates to take some of the pressure off them. Chris Long was that guy for Robert Quinn and it’s showing in a big way in 2014.

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