The New York Jets Acquire Percy Harvin

Posted by Jack Tumen

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Well, better late than never.

The Jets made the first big trade splash of the season, trading for Seahawks’ receiver, Percy Harvin. The move comes less than 24 hours after the Jets lost to New England on Thursday Night Football and dropped their record to 1-6 on the season.

As a Jets fan, I have a few thoughts on this. First, I’m pretty psyched the Jets have finally added an offensive play-maker like Harvin. They haven’t had a guy like this maybe since Santana Moss – and when you line him up next to Eric Decker, that receiving corps suddenly becomes more than respectable.

Second, I can’t believe what they gave up to get him. One conditional draft pick?! Considering that Seattle gave up first, third and seventh round picks to get him from Minnesota, this is a steal for New York. The pick is said to be between a second and fourth-rounder, most likely based on performance and playing time. Some may argue a second round pick is a little much for a guy who’s battled injuries for a long time; but he’s a proven play-maker that will have an instant impact in this offense and help Geno Smith immensely. He also adds value in the return game; an area the Jets have been anemic in since special teams aficionado, Mike Westhoff, retired from coaching.

Third, I’m slightly irked that they waited until the season was all but over to make this deal and keep the fans interested. 1-6 is impossible to climb out of and this is more like a job-saving move for GM John Idzik than anything. Making good use of his Seattle ties, it’s about time he did something right personnel-wise this season.

Should be fun to see how this unfolds.


  1. What Seattle gave up to acquire him has no relevance on whether or not it was a good deal for the Jets. His injury history & fights with teammates absolutely can NOT be overlooked like it doesn’t quantify in deciding if its a good deal or not. While he is incredibly fast & can help them on special teams as well, after the CB position, WRs who can actually get separation is their next biggest need. Harvin unfortunately is not a traditional WR. The biggest fact about this deal that makes it a head-scratcher is to trade a pick (anywhere from a 2nd to 4th rounder) & spend that much money on him for 9 games when they had a bunch of cheaper options, who are also more traditional WRs, available this past off-season. Hakeem Nicks is a much better receiver in the traditional sense & even if they ended up having to outbid the Colts, would still have paid less than they’ll pay Harvin for 9 games & without having given up a draft pick to get him. Rex should be pissed that it took this long to address the glaring hole that everyone, & I mean EVERYONE, outside of Florham Park knew about. Leading up to the season all you heard was how happy & satisfied they were with their WR depth. For this trade to be good for the Jets, Harvin will have to stay healthy, produce & not pull his long long history of causing problems that go all the way back to his high school days.

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