Day: December 11, 2014

Thursday Night Pick

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Posted by Jack Tumen

Cardinals (10-3) @ Rams (6-7)

So the Rams are all of a sudden one game behind San Francisco in the NFC West. At this moment, they’re probably the last team in the NFL that anybody wants to face. It’s an attribute to Chris Long’s return and Jeff Fisher’s fabulous coaching that finally have this defense playing up to its potential – coming off back-to-back shutouts.

Arizona out-clawed the Chiefs at home last week to get to 10 wins on the season; but it’s obvious that this team is a full notch worse without Carson Palmer at the helm. I have a very hard time believing that the Cardinals can go into St. Louis right now and win a game with the way the Rams are playing. The tense Cardinals fall to the loose Rams, opening the door for Seattle to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. STL 27, AZ 17